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At Decadents we believe that there is more to your wedding party than just the music. You have no doubt invested considerable time, money, sweat and tears, to achieve a specific look for your special day – from choosing the actual venue, to the colours, themes and style of the invites, the venue dressing and everything in between. 



 The evening entertainment can be a great addition to your special day and often features prominently in your surroundings. We don’t believe you should compromise the aesthetics of your carefully chosen décor. We can craft and tailor our soundstage to your individual requirements, including the colour scheme of our DJ booth, podiums and lighting. From small and discrete, to large and imposing, there will be a bespoke option to complement your taste and budget. Always elegant. Perfectly Decadent!


Our Soundstages

Decadent Entertainments Bespoke Soundstage - Lounge Black